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Hello Trick or Treater!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to create for me! It is much appreciated. I've tried to list below what I like and what I don't like. Please don't think that you have to rigidly stick to anything, except the Do Not Wants. I'm pretty open to most things and I'm sure whatever you create for me will be amazing.

AO3 Username: CariadWinter

LiveJournal Username: cariad_winter

Requested Medium: FanFic Only For All




Accidental Stimulation

Serial Killer Fic

Watersports/Golden Showers


Predator/Prey Scenarios


Possessive Behavior/Jealousy

Made Them Do It (Fuck or Die)

Stupid/Ditzy Characters

Sibling Incest

Kidnap/Torture/Rescue Fic

Cosplay Fic

Masked/Anonymous Sex

Psycho Ex Stalking Main Couple, Killing Friends


Asphyxiation During Sexy Times

Killer Obsessed with one or both of the main couple

Animal Play/Furry Fic

Stubble, Scars, Glasses, Tattoos

Horror Movie/TV/Game Remix: Halloween, House On Haunted Hill, Alien, The Hitcher, The Shining, When A Stranger Calls, Walking Dead, Harper's Island, Grimm, Dead Space, The Evil Within, Until Dawn, Alien Isolation



Goofy Pet Names

Oral Sex


Coming Untouched

Parent(Parent Figure)/Child Incest




Teasing, Touching, Kissing

Haunted House

Rape to Love

Enemies To Lovers

Night Creatures (Vamps, Weres, Ghouls, Goblins, etc.)

Unrealistic MPreg (No ass babies please)

Friends to Lovers (Unexpected/In Denial)

Apocalypse Fic (Zombie, Viral Outbreak, WWIII, etc.)


Angry/Rough Sex

Fight for your life

Healing Cock/Sex


Extreme Whumpage

No (boy pussy, boy cunt, meat stick, meat pole, hot rod, or hot meat) used as sexual terms/references

Forbidden Attraction/Love

Used and Abused

Sex Toys

Rabid/Deadly Creature Fic

Pain w/Pleasure

Trapped/Stranded Together


Public Sex



Clothed/Partially Clothed Sex

Tentacle Monster


Light Bondage/Restraints

Beastiality for Trick only






Ear Play


MPreg if written believably


Modern AUs




The Almighty Johnsons

Characters: Axl Johnson, Zeb, Mike Johnson

Relationships: Axl Johnson/Zeb (Trick or Treat), Mike Johnson/Axl Johnson (Trick Only), Mike Johnson/Zeb (Trick Only)

I recently just finished watching The Almighty Johnsons and I loved the friendship between Axl and Zeb. I loved Mike too until the end of the show where I just wanted to wring his neck most of the time. I'm open to any of the other canon characters being included in the fic as long as the relationships are just the ones listed above.


  • While Axl is trapped as Frig for a day, every time Zeb hits on him it stirs something in his gut he's not sure he wants to deal with, but he gives in and agrees to be Zeb's first time. The sex is awkward but amazing and nothing has ever been as intense. He can't look Zeb in the eye afterward and runs. He struggles with possibly ruining his friendship, but eventually returns home after changing back into his male form (Odin). Zeb seems chill, but they don't speak about what happened. Bonus points for Axl not kicking Zeb out of bed when he crawls into that night and sexy times happen again. (Gender Swap is okay as it is canon compliant)

  • Mike is certain that he's the one who's meant to be Odin and decides to put Axl in his place, at his feet and on his knees. Perhaps every time Axl acts out or mouths off, Mike punishes him by using Zeb and making Axl watch.

  • As they continue to search for the Frig, Zeb starts to get restless and worried that once Axl does find her he'll lose him. He decides he needs to convince Axl that no matter what happens, Zeb is the one he can't be without.

  • Axl is being hunted. Someone wants the cycle to start again and they will stop at nothing to make sure that it does... and they will go through anyone and anything trying to protect him.

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.


Chronicles of Narnia

Characters: Peter Pevensie, Mr. Tumnus

Pairings: Peter Pevensie/Mr. Tumnus (Trick or Treat)

Honestly, with this pairing you can just go wild. Check out the list of Likes/Kinks and use your imagination. Sexy times would be appreciated and I'm fond of bottom Peter. On a darker note, if you'd like to have Mr. Tumnus possessed/controlled by Jadis (The White Witch) please feel free. I'm down for a trick or treat with this one.

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.


Original Fiction

Characters: Long Abandoned Sentient Ship, Xenoarchaeologist Investigating Dead Civilization, Small-time Grifter, Original Space Marine, Tentacle Monster

Relationships: M/M, M/M/M, Male OC/Tentacle Monster, Male OC/Tentacle Monster/Male OC, Sentient Ship/Male OC, Alien/Male OC, Male OC/Alien/Male OC

I would love a combination of any/or all of the above. I love original fiction, though if you'd like to do one of the Horror Movie Remixes with Original Characters I am totally fine with that. Tricks and Treats both welcome. Prompts are optional.


  • A Xenoarchaeologist and his team gets stranded on a newly discovered planet and things start to go horrible wrong. Before all communications are cut, they are able to send out a distress call, but no one is certain if the message got out or if help will arrive in time. A passing vessel picks up the SOS but by the time they get there, most of the team is missing or dead. For whatever reason, the responding vessel can't evac the survivors or the Head Xenoarchaeologist won't leave without the members of his team that are still alive. When the Xenoarchaeologist and the (Space Marine?) go after the missing team members, they stumble upon... (tentacle monster, alien predator, ravenous beast, sentient killer forest)... that changes their lives forever. Would prefer at least some survivors - even if it is just the main pairing. Feel free to kill the rest.

  • A scavenger comes across a strange ship in a rarely trafficked sector of space. Once aboard, ready to strip the vessel clean of anything valuable, strange things start to happen. The scavenger finds himself trapped on the ship and he isn't' quite certain whether the ship is trying to kill him or keep him. Feel free to include expendable crew members.

  • People are dying aboard a transport vessel bound for (Insert Planet Name Here) and it's up to a retired Space Marine|Vacationing Space Marine to figure out who the killer is before someone he loves is next.

  • A Grifter targets the perfect wealthy mark and everything is working out perfectly. Only, the wealthy mark isn't the cold-blooded prick he thought him to be and suddenly there are actual feelings involved. Can he finish the job and move on or will the truth destroy them both? (Feel free to put a horror spin on it if you like)

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.


Until Dawn

Characters: Mike Munroe, Samantha “Sam” Giddings, Josh Washington, Christopher “Chris” Hartley

Relationships: Mike Munroe/Samantha Giddings (Trick or Treat), Mike Munroe/Josh Washington (Trick), Mike Munroe/Samantha Giddings/Josh Washington (Trick), Samantha Giddings/Josh Washington (Trick), Mike Munroe/Samantha Giddings/Christopher Hartley (Trick or Treat), Christopher Hartley/Josh Washington (Trick or Treat)

I haven’t had the pleasure of playing this game (though I desperately want to). I did, however, watch Markiplier play it all the way through and I fell in love with it. Tricks or Treats specified after each pairing, though if you’d like to do a Mike/Josh Treat I would accept it being pre-game.


  • Josh and Chris have always been close, best friends for as long as they can remember. Their relationship was even moving in the direction of more before that horrible night with Hannah and Beth. Chris was the only one that Josh kept close after that night, though things have definitely changed. Josh is quieter, distant in ways he’s never been before and Chris is hoping he can change that once they’re together at the cabin. He misses Josh and hopes they can finally get their lives back on track. That is, of course, before things go to utter and complete hell.

  • Mike is a dick. Everyone knows it and most have learned to accept it. Their one shared night of hell brings out a different side to him though and Sam can’t help but notice. After being rescued, they bond over their shared horror and surprisingly find comfort in each other in the most unexpected ways.

  • Josh is obsessed with Sam. He’s always been obsessed with Sam. And oh… the things he’s going to do to her once their night on the mountain starts. That’s when the fun will really begin.

  • Josh has both Mike and Sam captive and he can’t decide which he wants to play with more. Maybe he’ll play with them both at the same time. Maybe he’ll make one of them watch. Maybe he’ll make them play with each other so that he can watch. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

  • Post-Game - Josh isn’t content to just stay on the mountain. He wants to hunt and he knows exactly who he’s going after first. (Feel free to include any of the pairings above)

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.


Shadowhunter TV

Characters: Alec Lightwood, Valentine Morgenstern, Magnus Bane, Jace Wayland, Simon Lewis

Relationships: Alec Lightwood/Valentine Morgenstern (Trick), Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane (Trick or Treat), Simon Lewis/Valentine Morgenstern (Trick), Jace Wayland/Simon Lewis (Trick or Treat), Alec Lightwood/Jace Wayland (Trick or Treat)

I love just about everything concerning Shadowhunters. It’s hardly like the books at all anymore, but I still love it. I’d enjoy any of the pairings above or a multiple of the above pairings in the same fic. Both Tricks and Treats are welcome.


  • Lilith and her demon minions capture Alec and/or Simon and do unspeakable, horrible, vile things… intimate things to him/them. The torture is invasive and constant and his/their capture helps to strike a blow against the people Lilith and Sebastian wish to destroy. By the time rescue comes, Alec and/or Simon is shattered, both mentally and emotionally and the pieces may never get put back together again.

  • Valentine loathes being stuck in the body of a downworlder (when he body swapped with Magnus), but he knows he can’t pass up the opportunity to fuck with Alec’s perfect existence.

  • The Fairy Queen has Jace and Simon trapped in the Wandering Wood and honestly, time has started to collapse in on itself. They don’t know how long they’ve been there or if help will ever come. What they do know is that all they have is each other and they’re going to have to get past their mutual passive aggressive hate for each other if they’re going to survive. Both of them are also getting pretty damn hungry/thirsty, but Simon is the only one that can eat without the curse of fairy trapping them their forever. Unfortunately, Jace may not be amenable to being Simon’s dinner and Simon doesn’t know if he can handle feeding from the Shadowhunter again. It was a little too good for both of them last time and he isn’t sure he can deal with what that means.

  • After his torture at the Institute, Magnus can’t bring himself to trust any of the Shadowhunters completely. Even Alec. The nightmares leave him exhausted and while drinking seems to numb the pain, he finds that he’s slowly sinking further and further into depression. Perhaps a change of scenery will help? Can he actually bring himself to leave Alec? What will it take to put the pieces back together again?

  • Lilith uses Jace’s body as a vessel to bring back Sebastian. While possessed, Jace has to watch powerless as Sebastian uses him to destroy the people he loves the most. Alec gets the one thing he always thought he wanted, a night with Jace, but discovers quickly that all he really wants is Magnus. Jace|Sebastian doesn’t let him stop what they’ve started. Magnus and/or Simon walks in on the two, misunderstands the situation, and leaves - devastated/confused. Alec tries to fight Jace|Sebastian off, but fails because he can’t bring himself to wound Jace enough to get him off of him. Instead, Alec eventually resigns himself to what’s happening and simply tries to get through it. When it’s over, Jace|Sebastian leaves and Alec tries to wrap his head around what just happened. Jace tries to fight off Sebastian from the inside, but it takes a run-in with Simon to reveal that Jace isn’t really Jace. Now it’s a race against time to figure out what’s happened to Jace and put things back the way they’re supposed to be before more lives are ruined. (Jace/Alec, Alec/Magnus, Jace/Simon would be lovely)

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.


Alien Series

Characters: Walter (Alien: Covenant), Daniels (Alien: Covenant), David 8

Relationships: Walter/David 8, Daniels/Walter

I love just about everything from the Alien series and the new movie is no exception. I loved the interaction between Walter and David and also how fiercely Walter protected Daniels. I’d love a more intimate take on Walter and David’s alone time in the necropolis and also an intimate look into the relationship between Daniels and Walter. He doesn’t protect the others the way he protects her. Why? Write me a fic that describes the thing between them and what happens to their relationship when David tries to come between them.

These are more Tricks than Treats, but I wouldn’t say no to something lighter.

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Characters: Hansel, Gretel

Relationships: Hansel/Gretel

There are two scenarios that speak to me the most for Hansel and Gretel, though you are more than welcome to let your own imagination do the driving. Both Tricks and Treats are welcome.

  • Gretel is possessed/enthralled by a coven of witches and Hansel is kept as their prisoner. Gretel is forced to torment and torture her brother and Hansel doesn’t fight it because he refuses to hurt her. The witches toy with them, play with them to sate their twisted sense of humor|desires, and then finally decide to kill them once the two have been thoroughly broken. Maybe Hansel is only pretending to be as broken as they think he is after the things Gretel has done to him and manages to rescue them both OR maybe Gretel manages to break the thrall and saves them. Can their relationship be mended after all is said and done? Can they go back to the way things used to be? Do they even want to?

  • A coven of witches has summoned an ancient beast the likes of which Hansel and Gretel have never seen before. Not only do they have to destroy the coven, but they have to figure out a way to banish the beast (tentacle monster) back to the hell dimension from which it was summoned before everything around them is destroyed. Bonus points if the tentacle monster has its way with the both of them and forces them to partake in each other before they figure out a way to destroy it.

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.



Characters: Jareth (Goblin King), Toby Williams

Relationships: Jareth/Toby Williams

Like a few of the others, I’m pretty open to anything you’d like to do with this pairing. I’m thinking Toby is older now (past the age of consent obviously) and is desperately trying to escape his mundane life? Figures out a way to return to the Goblin King’s realm? Maybe Jareth decides he wants to finally make Toby his forever, but doesn’t anticipate things taking a more intimate turn? Let your imagination be your guide and I’m certain I’ll love anything you write. Tricks or Treats welcome.

*** Feel free to add any canon characters that you'd like as long as the main pairing is one of the ones listed above. All DO NOT WANTS apply.




I am open to any questions you might have. Please feel free to PM if the need arises. I’m also down for most Crossovers if believable, though I request that you message me about it first.

Again, you don’t have to rigidly adhere to anything but the Do Not Wants and preferably the relationship pairings that I have listed. I love tricks or treats, though I have tried to specify my preference for each fandom. Likes/Kinks can be applied to all listed fandoms/pairings.

Thank you again for your time and creativity! I can’t wait to see what you create for me!


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